About Weatherby

About Weatherby

Weatherby is an award winning Planned Community in highly desirable Woolwich Township, New Jersey. Currently, almost half built out, when completed Weatherby will consist of approximately 4,500 residential homes, almost 8 miles of pedestrian walk and bike paths, two new walk-to schools, a state of the art municipal complex, parks, natural areas, open spaces and 250,000 square feet of retail and office space.
The Weatherby development includes meaningful contributions to the community including per residential unit contributions for recreational areas; 40 acres of green space to contain recreational facilities and general parkland; 15 acres for a recently built elementary school, an additional 68 acres for a recently completed school campus and five acres containing the new Municipal Complex.
The development exceeds the standards guided by the “Smarth Growth” principles. Weatherby has been awarded both the prestigious ʻBest Land Use Plan for a Mixed Use Communityʼ and ʻThe Smart Growth Awardʼ by the Builders League of Southern New Jersey in recent years.

Long before the words “Smart Growth” became the mantra of the State of New Jersey and its suburban towns, Summit Ventures envisioned Weatherby as a development that would serve the community, the environment and the economy – the very principles that define Smart Growth today.
Smart Growth is the term used to describe well-planned, well-managed growth that adds new homes and creates new jobs, while preserving open space, farmland, and environmental resources, which in turn supports livable neighborhoods with a variety of housing types and price ranges.


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